Spring is a best time to collect and conserve medicinal and aromatic herbs. Some herbs can only be collected in spring – such as flower buds and sprouts of some berries.

This spring my special mix is collected in Russia. Because of the very short summer season, the spring comes and rolls out very fast, spring medicinal herbs shoot out in a matter of hours, carrying a blast of natural micro elements, making POLZA VESNA mix very potent and flavorful.

POLZA VESNA mix includes:

  • Dandelion
  • Plantain Grass
  • Rose hip leaves and buds
  • Raspberry leaves and buds
  • Pine buds
  • Black currant leaves and buds
  • Ground ivy
  • Wild strawberry leaves
  • Nettle
  • Sorrel

This spring (yes, “VESNA” is Russian for “spring”) POLZA VESNA mix is so medicinally potent and full of flavor, one teaspoon is enough to prepare a 1 liter (1quart) water infusion or infused vodka.

Buy a 100 ml. (3,3 oz.) jar and make spring last for few weeks or even month!