What is POLZA?

POLZA is a honey infusion, made using years-old fusion technique (invented by one of my ancestors, passed on to me by my father) which allows to extract from herbs and fuse into a liquid medium (honey) a maximum of health and wellness actors (oils, vitamins and minerals) while maintaining integrity of natural ingredients.

POLZA is amber in color. It has visible and recognizable herbal and spice particles.

POLZA can be consumed as a ready product – added to tea, coffee, cold beverages, used in recipes to increase flavour of dishes.

POLZA can be turned into a consumable water-based or spirit-based beverage using fusion-and-delusion technique.

POLZA, brewed with hot water, is used by our family as a health drink with medicinal qualities. It has a general calming effect, increases natural body illness-resistance and healing powers during cold season, helps to ease coughing.

POLZA honey infusion brewed with spirits (vodka) produces a beverage with very distinct natural pleasant taste. It has light and friendly buzz and NEVER results in a hangover.

POLZA has a consistent pleasant fresh taste (regardless of used liquid medium).

POLZA beverages are green in color.

We called it POLZA, because “polza” is slavic for “benefit” or “what is good for you”